(Tabula Fati - Solfanelli - Chieti 2020)

drawings by Albina Tagliabue



(First edition 2009 - Gorée Editore - Siena)


The story is dedicated to my three grandchildren: Guillaume, Emma and Federico

As the Gya pass
"Under the Lemon Tree" runs along the crest of a 'story-telling’  always hovering between the allegory of the fable and the contradictions of contemporary social reality. It is a story because the protagonists are animals of the courtyard, a handful of  muddled Europeans cats  who, in company with a obese and elderly mongrel dog, stationed idly beneath a lemon tree, waiting for little Matteo to come back to fishing and fills them bowl with succulent and tasty morsels. But it is also the story of daily migrations overlooking to the window of the West, sweeping away addicted safety and certainty of a clear, consolidated, well-being.
In fact, here is the unexpected appearance: Gya, a Siamese kitten with a hoarse voice and a twisted tail that Matteo saved from the wreck of a raft of illegal migrants and decided to host in his garden. Obviously born sudden distrust, fears, concerns and anxieties. The cats in the yard are also joining forces to marginalize the intruder, sniffing risks, are afraid of misfortunes: disease, theft, other unwanted invaders.

Anchovy Beatrice

Pasta with pesto

The courtyard of Pol

The threat runs from the sky
Only Pol, the obese mongrel dog, has a gesture of welcome, but Pol is a dog, a dog, so to speak, but still a poor dog, doesn’t possess some noble features of the ethnicity of cats.
              Then the unusual fact. An eagle snatches a litter of kittens and panic breaks out in the yard, never seen anything like this: "That's what happens when some people among us comes from nowhere." But you have to do something, make decisions quickly and the troops, all of a sudden, organize an expedition to the towering mountains of the Eagle to try to free the trapped cats. Even Gya, despite all the doubts, eventually decides to tag along behind the group.
               They leave, the journey begins

The Fact, the News, the Scoop

The dream of Gya

             Trips are always full of unknowns, have surprises of all kinds. Our heroes meet in their own history, or rather, in what may represent and signify their history through the reading means of mass communication. Face the Fact, the episode itself, the background and genesis of the abduction, but they meet also the News, the gossip that the media often distorts the fact to create another coloured or invented, in short the manipulation truth for an unhealthy or morbid wish to generate scandal for the simple ambition to demonstrate that "they know more about it", that they have sources of information more attentive, to defeat  "competitors" with more detailed particulars witout verify and document the truth.
And finally they meet the Scoop, the journalistic opportunism, knowing how to catch the moment and the plot of history to "do a box-office success" at any cost, the greedy desire to generate business from events and disasters.

Emotions in free flight
               Closed the parenthesis with media, our heroes take up the thread of their research and take again the path. They meet again in other incredible adventures and other difficulties until, thanks to Gya and Pol ...
                But at this point the story is not more a tale and  becomes news item, a real-life stories, we can learn more through the pages of our newspapers, or radio and television broadcasting. These are facts that belong to each of us and accompany us every day along the roads of our journey.

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