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         This webpage is reserved to all those who love and write poetry.
         Periodically it will be selected and published in the “Bacheca dei Poeti” (The showcase of  Poets) a collection (maximum 3/5 three/five pieces) of one or more poets noteworthy for imagination, musicality and expressive power.
         The website  will make a brief critical comment for each collection selected.

Rules of participations – General guidelines:

To ensure that each poem is read carefully, please, follow the guidelines carefully:

The participation is free. Lyrics can be written in:
    1. Italian, English or French
    2. Each of the other languages including regional idioms or dialect

       Lyrics in “other languages” must be sent in the original language with the translation in Italian or English or French.

  1. Entries must be entirely the work of the entrant and must never have been published (including internet) or broadcasted.
  2. Each poem cannot exceed 25 lines (spaces are not counted as lines)
  3. All publication will give neither remuneration nor right to the author for the works selected
  4. Entrants may submit up 8 (eight) poems
  5. Please note we only accept electronic submissions which should be emailed to the email of website  
  6. Poems must be pasted into the body of the email (not as attachments or links to URLs)
  7. Entries must show: name, surname, address, city, country
  8. If the author agree and wish may send a brief “curriculum vitae”
  9. Worldwide copyright of each poem remains with the author, but the website  will have the unrestricted right to publish in the “Bacheca dei Poeti” (The showcase of Poets) the selected poems
  10. Poems that are accepted remain part of this online archive system for readers to access in the future. Nevertheless the website  will have at any time the unrestricted right to wipe from its online archive the poems published without giving previous information to the author
  11. The participant hereby consent to the processing of their personal details both for the purposes of running the selection and for publishing poems in accordance with the Italian  law 196  June 30th 2006 “Privacy Code”
  12. Participants should not expect to published merely because they have submitted; we maintain the right to be selective
  13. No communications will be notified to participants about the result of selection
  14. The participation to the selection implies the full acceptance of all above mentioned conditions
  15. For any dispute regarding these Official Rules the competent courts of Turin (Italy), shall have exclusive jurisdiction and venue hereof

Authors will need to provide the following statements:

    • “ I confirm that the poems… (title)… are my original work and are unpublished. I give my permission to their possibly publication in the webpage “Bacheca dei Poeti” (The showcase of Poets)
    • “ I declare that I have not subscribed the lyrics submitted to SIAE nor to any other similar Society which protect copyrights”
    • “I accept all the rules and General Guidelines specified in the announcement of website “.