This webpage takes its name from a line of the chief work written by Edmund Spenser (1522? – 1599), The Faerie Queen; more precisely from the ninth stanza of the first book which deals with the adventures of the Redcross Knight:

The Laurell, meed of mightie Conquerors
And Poets sage, the Firre that weepeth still,
The Willow worne of forlorn Paramours,
The Eugh obedient to the benders will,
The Birch for shaftes, the Sallow for the mill,
The Mirrhe sweete bleeding in the bitter wound,
The warlike Beech, the Ash for nothing ill,
The fruitfull Olive, and the Platane round,
The carver Holme, the Maple seeldom inward sound

And like on the wood of Holme, on this webpage are “carved” histories of arts and sounds, colours and musical notes, but also histories of passion and life for all that is noble, great and infinite as the conquest of the soul and the beauty.



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