Dante Alighieri, one of us
Memories of a life between history and legend

(Solfanelli - Chieti)


If Dante is one of us, one would say in a gamble "We are Dante", if only the author himself puts it in our hands and thoughts.

This is the spirit with which, in a sweetly coercive, fiercely true way, one crosses the threshold of a diary that resounds on every page as a very human voice, strong and fragile at the same time: the voice is that of Dante who in an operation of "ventriloquy" gives breath to the very personal and universal story of individual and collective history.

Pierluigi Coda, perhaps without even knowing it (and the preciousness of this diary, pulsates here) makes an operation that is lost in the night of a precise time: the birth of Western civilization: and then, on the basis of this "unconsciousness", Dante is Ulysses, Ulysses is Us who, starting from the Comedy, go to baptism as Odysseus in the constant tension of giving meaning to living, forming reality, going through all its nuances, nourishing ourselves with passions, all of them, none excluded.

The author traces the last week of Dante's life, wondering, almost on the verge of torment, if there was really a need to talk about it again ... his is a yielding, the least banal, the most passionate, Coda gives in to Beauty. Surrendering to Beauty today means crossing the existence of each of us, being "pierced" by it to be in the world and in the world in the instant on the border with the dimension of the Eternal.

And it is no coincidence that this dimension passes through two A's, two A's that in the Greek world converge in the term φιλία, Love and Friendship: Guido, I 'wish you and Lapo and I... and Amor that my mind reasons for me ...

Dante is one of us, Dante in whose hands immortal life pours.

(Comment by Cristina Raddavero)


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