Sherlock Holmes on the traces of Dante Alighieri
The mystery of the robumans

(Effatà Editrice - Cantalupa Torino)

Drawings by Silvia Aimar
Graphics by Silvia Aimar and Vito Mosca

The text

First edition Commedia (Giolitina) in which the title Divina appears - 1555

A series of disturbing thefts of works of art inspired by the writings of Dante Alighieri follow one another everywhere on the planet. Public opinion is upset, the mystery thickens, terror spreads among nations, the press asks for immediate answers and the international police "grope in the dark" without understanding anything.
Will Detective Sherlock Holmes succeed, famous for having recovered many works of art stolen from the most important collections and museums in the world, to reveal the secret and discover the criminals?

Detective Sherlock Holmes


A helping hand will be given by an unlikely and improvised team of helpers made up of children: Luca, an athlete confined to a wheelchair, a computer genius, and Sofia, a martial arts champion that Dante just can't stand, but for the investigation he will discover and fall in love with his immortal art.
While the thefts multiply and the police around the world do not know where to head, the team, with the help of Marco, a former rival now friend of Luca and sensitive to the charm of Sofia, will work
hard on every clue, until you find yourself facing a shocking reality.
Dante Alighieri, with his works, collaborates in the research suggesting clues and paths useful to the solution of the case, but it will not be easy at all. In the sci-fi crime fiction, other stories and misdeeds intertwine, other loves and secrets, and the conclusion does not seem at all obvious. In short, surprises never end ...

Dante portrait by Sandro Botticelli - 1495

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