Sherlock Holmes and the conquest of Gaul
The diabolic wargame scam

(Effatà Editrice - Cantalupa Torino)

Drawings by Silvia Aimar
Editing by Roberto Falciola

The birth of the story

Dante Alighieri


Brilliantly solved the mystery of the Robumani thanks to the works of Dante Alighieri, the detective Sherlock Holmes takes the field again with his strange team of investigators: his children Luca, Sofia with his friend Marco and to whom Alina, a girl from Nigerian origin.







Detective Sherlock Holmes

A gang of telematic scammers builds a structured wargame on Julius Caesar's De bello Gallico that thrills and depopulates all over the world, but for the unfortunate players there is no more escape and they find themselves on the street with their bank accounts drained.
Time is running out and the challenge is terrible; Sherlock Holmes with the help of the works of Virgil, Seneca, Catullus, Ovid and other classical Latin authors will try to find the key to the problem to defeat the criminal clique. A thriller set in Turin with continuous twists but which also addresses the issues of disability, friendship, racial respect.


Stupinigi (Turin) - Hunting Lodge


Carignano palace


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