Sherlock Holmes and the conquest of Gaul
The diabolic wargame scam

(Effatà Editrice - Cantalupa Torino)

Drawings by Silvia Aimar
Editing by Roberto Falciola

The text

The question was: after the positive response of Sherlock Holmes on the trail of Dante Alighieri - The mystery of the Robumani, I wondered if it was not possible to propose something similar to brush up on the memory of the authors of Latin literature.
Why leave Virgil, Horace, Catullus, Ovid, Lucretius locked up in the drawer of our memory; indeed, perhaps some young people, despite having heard of them, do not know them at all.



Some perhaps still use Seneca's proverbial phrases for a tattoo without ever having heard of him: of course he preached well and scratched badly, however ...

And then the lines of Jacques Brel's beautiful song wandered around my head: Rosa

It's the tango of the walkings
One or two under the arcades
Surrounded by ravens and alcaldes
They were protecting us from asking "why ?"
It's the tango of rain on the playground
The mirror of a loveless puddle
Which made me understand someday
That I wouldn't become Vasco de Gama
But it's the tango of the blessed times
When, just for a little kiss,
In the meadow on Thursday
Cousin Rosa blushed

Rosa rosa rosam
Rosae rosae rosa
Rosae rosae rosas
Rosarum rosis rosis


It's the tango of the zeros
I had so many, little or big ones
That with them I was making tunnels for Charlot
Aureolas for Saint-Françoi
It's the tango of rewards
For thoses who had had the luck
To learn during their childhood
Everything that is useless
But it's the tango we regret
When we have to buy our time
Et when suddenly we notice, silly
That roses also have thorns.

Rosa rosa rosam
Rosae rosae rosa
Rosae rosae rosas
Rosarum rosis rosis


Nostalgia for the lost good time of the high school years? Maybe, I don't know… the fact is that I said to myself: if I put together Sherlock Holmes, Julius Caesar's De bello Gallico, a mysterious wargame; in short, if I build a good thriller on it, maybe it works. Indeed, I am sure of it.

Julius Caesar


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