Mr. William Shakespeare presents
"The tragedy of Julius Caesar"
to the third grade A

(Solfanelli - Chieti)


Mr. William Shakespeare presents the tragedy Julius Caesar to class IIIA.


Remarkable. Not just for kids. You can't put it down and you are left with a craving to reread or read Shakesoeare's Julius Caesar. The author's words are interesting and important. A masterpiece in lightness. I would like to be able to recommend it to the third grade, but also to the first two years of high school. Endless ideas for conversation.

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It is possible to be able to concentrate the ancient and the modern in 83 pages, time and to be devoid of it in front of what has been written to immediately get out of the meshes of the past-present-future scan, restoring the undisputed charm of perpetuity?

It seems so, really holding the book by Pierluigi Coda in his hands, it comes to say that for certain stories time does not exist, it is better to be crossed with the awareness that the philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus already possessed at the turn of the 500 and 400 BC when, speaking little and in fragments, at the 88th he said: "The living and the dead, the awake and the sleeping, the young and the old are the same reality: these in fact are changing, and those changing again are these."

This happens when you read "something" by Shakespeare and that "something"!

Beyond the content of Julius Caesar (today "downloadable" anywhere beyond and beyond the written book), what gives added value to the tragedy is the simplicity with which the author offers his audience an immense story that transversely has touched and touches the theater, cinema, literature. Simple is NEVER trivial. Simple is a bubbly voice like that of the III A boys who are lucky enough to meet William thanks to their teacher, Mrs. Smith married to Brown. A very special invitation that after an initial phase almost to the limit of the mockery (and we know that inside a classroom you can hear all the colors and tenors), it will turn out to be a scenic moment that, not even an awkward Shakespeare in close contact with " today's kids ”he could even just think.

Pier Luigi Coda, once again, gives his audience the thrill of a reading that while "doing" stages, it is appropriate to write it, the powerful link between author-content-reader, that relationship of identification, as well as identification of the story and of the characters according to those criteria of absolute verisimilitude that are born and grow right on the stage.

After all, the author, with all his previous production has always given us to understand that there is only one way to stay "alive", that of attending the imperishable Beauty of the word.
(Comment by Cristina Raddavero)





The latest story by Pier Luigi Coda for Tabula fati (Sofanelli) opens the new History & Theater series; a text that only in appearance might seem a reduced version or a reinterpretation of the Shakespearean masterpiece and is instead a re-proposition of the most meaningful passages of that admirable tragedy, with footnotes that show the original.

What would happen if Shakespeare walked into one of our middle classes today and told what he wrote? Simple words to introduce the sense of battle, the contrasting and contrasting personalities of the opponents, their aptitude for war, loyalty, a sense of honor. The betrayal. Do these terms still apply today? What strength do they have? What is still modern about reading a classic of this depth?

Pier Luigi Coda, a passionate scholar of Shakespeare and his works, tries. He introduces Sir William as a writer who presents the new book in a class that is not really a model, where taking the lessons is often optional, especially when they are experienced as narratives of facts so out of their own time. So, Pier Luigi, it is better to accompany girls and boys into that time, recover what is current, what goes beyond space and time.

(Comment by Silva Ganzitti Email May 16, 2022)



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