Martina e l'efferata Banda del Salamino
Martina and the cruel Band of Salami
(Effatà Editrice - Cantalupa Torino)

Drawings by Silvia Aimar
Graphics by Silvia Aimar and Vito Mosca

The text

Waves over the reef


The story is wavering, oscillating between the surreal and ironic. I wrote following the sound of the sea when it breaks on the reef. Out again and again, sometimes sits on the shore, sometimes in the informal breaks. The themes overlap in an alternation of memories, descriptions, characters and adventures. They are never still, advancing and retreating, the color of facts and feelings. Ironic, reflexive, rhythmic time. The writing follows of the chronicle the temporal process to transform itself into textuality of narrative.

The forced protagonist is the little donkey Martina, subject of dangerous appetites by the infamous Gang of Salami, but the narrative sympathy is largely addressed to Ing. Bentley, in his humanity, in his contradictions mess, In  his honesty of father and manager, why would we be surprised if, in his profession, suffers intrigue and mismanagement.
Here, Martina and Eng. Bentivoglio are the emblematic symbols of goodness and honesty all too often subverted or attacked by the basal ganglia of swindle and  oppression, by the greed of power and wealth.


Some characters of the story
Among them wheel a number of characters, not actors, but for a more nuanced role in the story: the two boys, Tobias and Simona, the sheep Clony without father and without mother, the haughty Strategic veterinary Nobel Prize nominee ; Mrs. Bentivoglio constantly troubled by social commitments, emotional jealousy, maternal duties, the Secretary Blonde, dangerous figure who wanders the corridors of the Company and of all working realities.

A particular speech merit, in my opinion, the hippopotamus Mustafa, Lautry the falcon, and the GM Park.
Mustafa comes from very nice poems of T. S. Eliot The Hippopotamus and, The Hippopotame of T. Gautier, but also by a substantial number of films and commercials that have used the burly, quiet affection of an animal looking too sweet and friendly. Mustafa in the story is the ambassador of all animals, for contempt of nature by man, living on the crest of extinction. In Mustafa are identified thousands of species that are likely to go the way of the Dodo, degenerating and distorting our Globe by an absurd, frantic, uncontrolled anxiety of a wellness designed to blend in environmental and social malaise




The fisher

La ricerca...

Oxford University Press
Not by chance Mustafa appears on the scene of GM Park. The transgenic Park is the natural culmination of everything that gets out of hand man, or perhaps more likely, the exasperated crowd with which man transcends the Dante's "you were not made to live like brutes but to follow virtue and knowledge" (Inferno Canto XXVI, 116-120) to land on the coasts no longer governed by ethical principles but only by the same desire for success and "know beyond" that has borne the brunt of Dr. Faust in the beautiful dramas of Goethe and Marlowe.

Dr. Faustus


Louise Blouet

The falcon Lautry is a parentheses I allowed myself to give vivacity both to the narrative adventurous process and, above all, to pay homage to a painter who is dear to me more than others: Henry Toulouse-Lautrec. Certainly Lautrec does not need my honor to be Lautrec, but I felt the need to find a way to thank this great for all the thrills, the chills, the reflections that I have always tried in front of his paintings, for me it was like to read the Treccani or browse the Encyclopedia Britannica, I have always found locked up in them the mystery, indeed, the Seal High of Man and of Universe.

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