Kondratij Fëdorovič Ryleev
a hero of Ukrainian freedom
(Solfanelli Editore- Chieti)

Italian version by
Alfredo Bertollo & Pier Luigi Coda

The birth of the story

The curiosity to get to know the authors Decembrists, to Alfredo Bertollo and me came while we were working on the Italian version of the biographical novel written by Ninel 'Ivanovna Podgornaja: Pushkin and the Baltic published, by Solfanelli, in 2011. Podgornaja presents them among the friends of Pushkin who had relations with the countries of the Baltic region.


So, in 2013, we began offering the "Three stories of Livonia" by Alexander Bestuzhev and now, in 2015, we decided to continue with the poem "Voinaròvskij" written by a great friend of Bestùžev and of the same Pushkin: Kondraty Ryleyev.

Polar Star

But if the stars of celebrities have been quite generous with Pushkin, one can not say the same of Bestùžev and Ryleev; indeed we can safely say that in the West, and especially in Italy, are almost unknown. But not only in the West, in Russia itself their name and their works are known to a limited audience of cultural workers.


Bestùžev - self-portrait

Yet their historical, political and literary contribution is far superior to the silence which they were relegated for years. Bestùžev, in his time, was even a cult, for young people represented an ideal of behaviour and literature; Ryleev, was the reference point for artists, writers and revolutionaries. His contribution has dug an underground tunnel of thought and action that will lead to the Russian Revolution of 1917. Together will edit the journal Polar Star that will host interventions and contributions of the most important intellectuals of the early nineteenth century Russian.

The Decembrists at the Senate Square in St. Petersburg in 1825 (Karl Kolman)

The Decembrist revolt in action
(Vasily Timm)

Now in Anglophile countries , especially in some universities in the United States, there is a renewed interest that is relocating in the right shelves of history and literature that period Decembrist that, prior to the tsarist censorship and then for occlusion of the communist regime, is been forgotten for a long time and that, instead, reveals amazing fertility of thought.

Thank Solfanelli who has the courage to propose editorial authors and works that will never end in the shopping carts of Supermarkets, I and Alfredo Bertollo tried to help, even if in a small way, to the knowledge and love of Kondraty Ryleyev to Italian readers.

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