William Shakespeare at the Stone Castle
(Effatà Editrice - Cantalupa Torino)

Drawings by Silvia Aimar
Graphics by Silvia Aimar and Vito Mosca


"Hi, what's your name?"
"I’ve not a name."
"Have you not a name?".
The beginning of the new children's book by Pierluigi Coda has all the flavour of a universal history that surrounds the life of each of us: a story without names than those, unlikely, of Thani, a little girl around the world and Udon, a man already aged who with the girl protagonist will revive with skill, the timeless charm of William Shakespeare's pen whose occurs, this year, the four hundredth anniversary of his death.
The geography of the story is just as universal in the moment it touches, however, a particular place in which converge ramparts and foundations, palaces and thrones, wealth and sparkles of the great theater made live and throb in the Bard’s works: life and scene, scene and life huddled up admirably along the walls of the Stone Castle nestled between two rocky spurs conglomerate, a center of cultural and scenic attraction in the Ligurian town of Vobbia and listed as Italian national monuments.
Pier Luigi Coda keeps a firm hold on the impalpable substance of time to what has no time and the little girl’s story becomes that belongs to every teenager in the age infamous, wonderfully rich in contrasts and chiaroscuro, encloses in a nutshell, all future results. And the operation is successful thanks to the beloved Shakespeare and the trick to put on the lips of the old Udon, the words spoken by Juliet, Romeo, Falstaff, Caliban, Jacques, Prosper ...
The story, in fact, it's all in the belief that, in the world dominated by the digital age no less than by forms of stardom and artistic events cobbled together and cling along the walls of pseudo-culture, the true and authentic artistic performance, dwells on the man who never stops turning to the past to revive it and actualize in the powerful moment that shines with its light, without calendars and clocks that are not those of history with its actors always the same, always different.
After all, the key to this story is here: the first and the last gasp, the tragedy becomes farce, farce, tragedy, a smile that melts into tears and crying that lump together in the smile ... everything is well that ends well then it is not closing trivially a story, not a stop outside the door leaving to dance death and evil.
This knew Shakespeare in his power of images and visions that pass, in the original language, also through grammar upsets such as to define what the great English playwright and poet  wanted to express in constant research and experimentation of Man.
Between sleep and waking, a little 'opening her eyes, a little closing them’, Thani, with the help of Udon doesn’t discover a world, even the best of all possible worlds, but she turns out the world where everything is colour not to be , everything is light because there is darkness, everything is sound when all is silent: not surprisingly, the author chooses a place "dumb" as the Stone Castle centerpiece of loneliness and companionship, of overwhelming oblivion and vivid reality, beauty and hope, of illusions and dotted lines of that marvelous adventure that is life, unbeatable mystery, inexhaustible source of beauty on which the great Shakespeare had laid his eyes.
Before him, ancient Greeks made it to which the Bard is in debt and admirably, between the blue of the clear sky and the spurs of a fascinating castle, converges the greatest show on earth and man ... Pier Luigi Coda can be "light merchant" in that terrific challenge that Roberto Vecchioni condensed with these suggestive words: "poetry brings me out of me (...) Yes daddy, but I want things, not literature. You're right. But I'm not capable, I’m not able to give you all those wonderful things that you wish you had. I'm trying to give you the literature as thing where you can’t have, I try to make you dream ... "
A compelling and powerful story about love for life and poetry.
(Comment by Cristina Raddavero)

Pier Luigi Coda between Shakespeare and the Stone Castle ... A story with the company of Juliet , Romeo, Hamlet, Falstaff and many other famous characters created by the extraordinary poetic talent of William Shakespeare. And the author's talent, we add.
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A mystery thriller that will keep readers in suspense until the last page..
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A story written with the aim of stimulating in young the desire of this sublime genius in a light and intriguing way that "soften" the image of Shakespeare as a difficult and "cranky" author and, anyway, old fashioned.
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Presentations and literary awards
Turin - May 13, 2016 - Salone Internazionale del libro - Effatà Publisher (Stand 3 – S 104)



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