William Shakespeare at the Stone Castle
(Effatà Editrice - Cantalupa Torino)

Drawings by Silvia Aimar
Graphics by Silvia Aimar and Vito Mosca

The text

A daring and headlong rush on board of a legendary Fulvia coupe to release the brothers from the clutches of evil kidnappers who demand the ransom. Will Thani, a teenager around the world, to save them?
An odd professor of English literature will give her a hand in her desperate attempt against the clock. Together they will face risks of all kinds, through snowy meadows, gorges and precipices metropolitan suburbs. In the background, perched between inaccessible spires of rock, the mysterious Stone Castle and William Shakespeare with his immortal art.
And so, between riddles, puzzles, mysteries to be clarified, an adventurous treasure hunt unfolds where dreams and reality intertwine with surprising encounters, scary moments, distant memories and the bold certainty of being able to overcome the difficulties that hinder the success of the challenge.
But Shakespeare at the Stone Castle is not only a story of adventure, it is above all a story of growth, maturation and understanding of themselves. Udon, the old professor, is now a man adrift, lives with summaries gimmicks, wandering without purpose and without obligation on the edge of his life, but thanks to Thani recovers energy and meaning, found that authenticity and humanity that he believed he had lost the same day, because of an unfortunate mishaps, had been fired from teaching. In a sense, it is rehabilitated in his own eyes and to the eyes of the world.
But also Thani, the young Thai protagonist, grows and finds in Udon a generous and sincere friend willing to offer them a disinterested and providential aid in moments where she comes upon in the most difficult and dangerous ordeal.

But Udon is not only the courage to embark on a journey together, Udon is Shakespeare's voice that teaches love for the sublime art, and says softly all the poetry that is in life and how much  life is in the colours of poetry even in the twilight of chiaroscuro.

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