Brisca at Internet superstore’s
(Nuove Edizioni Romane - Roma)

Illustrations by MONICA INCISA

The origin of the tale

The "real" Brisca which inspired the tale

Brisca at Internet superstore’s is the first story for young people I wrote. When I think to its birth I cannot help remembering Carlo Emilio Gadda and the philosophical convictions with which Commissioner Ingravallo tries to unravel the intrigues of "Quer pasticciaccio brutto di Via Merulana": "The unannounced disasters are never the consequence or the effect, so to say, of a unique reason, of a singular case: but they are as a vortex, a point of cyclonic depression in the conscience of the world, towards which a multiplicity of causal converging have conspired".
Brisca, the little she-dog, certainly provides an unannounced disaster, but instead consequence of causal converging, I consider it the most eloquent example of "accidentals converging"; also on the basis of statistic mathematical calculation of probabilities would not have had only one chance to be the protagonist of a story.

First, because at the time, I did not think any way to write a book and, less than ever, a book for children. My marketing activities occupied all of my time and led me to travel a lot and challenging. Secondly I must confess that in my family we were all "cat-lovers" and, therefore, we had a certain indifference, not to say "allergy", in respect of the canine race. I could not really imagine writing a story in which the protagonist was a little she-dog and, apart from that, unusual and just a little bit bastard. Instead…
Instead, a beautiful day, my wife collects a little “three colours“ wad, more dead than live, which rummages hungry inside a box of garbage. My daughter brings  immediately it by a veterinarian, who, after a visit accurate, ruled that for the dog there was nothing more to do.
But Francesca is hard temper and wishes to have her own way. She enlists friends studying veterinary medicine and all together roll up their sleeves for overhauling the dog.
In short, with cart-load of pills, injections in abundance and drips suitable for a horse, the little beast survives and immediately produces all its best qualities: impertinence, insolence, jealousy and, of course, fear and mistrust mixed with a good dose of arrogance.
Because of her character we decided to call her Brisca that, in ancient dialect Genovese, means bitter, sour, unripe.

However Brisca is also able to be funny and, in its own way, affectionate; notwithstanding the difficult temper it is impossible not love it.
Some years after a bad peritonitis, from which I escaped by the skin of my teeth, obliges me at home for the recovery. In view of my return to work, I spent my time at the computer to develop new strategies for a marketing plan. But Brisca doesn’t agree and doesn’t want me to lose time with the Minus and the Plus, so it decides to afflict me with balls, yelps, rabbits of pelouches and whatever. I threaten it: "Listen to me, Brisca! If you do not stop to be a nuisance  I lock you in the computer". To shut a dog up in a computer? Boh… and what it does overthere? Yes, what it might do?
To give to myself an answer, I began to write Brisca at Internet superstore’s, without any alleged literary or  thinking to publish the story. I amuse myself and that’s all… but also my daughter Francesca enjoys and so she  decides to package the manuscript and send it to Gabriella Armando of "Nuove Edizioni Romane".


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