Easy being a princess...

(Solfanelli Editore - Chieti)

Translation from Russian: Alfredo Bertollo
Literary review : Pier Luigi Coda


The mysterium iniquitatis rests on Mafalda martyr in Buchenwald, a victim of Nazi fury.
Perfectly match the human drama, historical and individual, along the path "jagged" and "sharp" in the second world war.

Cristina Raddavero - , November 2009 (Read more in pdf)

The text represents the outcome of a dual commitment informative and popular. If the Author is credited with divulging in their native language the story of Princess Mafalda of Savoy Hesse, perhaps otherwise unknown in the Soviet environment, on the same line there is the work of the translator, who has spread the work out using an effective review of literature.
In the pages of Ninel Ivanovna Podgornaja there is a heartfelt sharing the events of Mafalda, whose biography is exposed to the light of authoritative historical and documentary sources.
Thanks to careful psychological analysis, the figure of the princess, outlined with sharp features, is the fulcrum around which both unravel the complex dynamics of dynastic relationships and developments of Nazi delirium, which also marked the Mafalda existence.
It is the human drama of the woman that the Author's attention is focused with particular intensity.

Valentina Incardona -, Novembre 2009 (Read more in pdf)

Beautiful pages dedicated to His Highness, the Landgrave Maurice, head of the House of Hesse, the  meeting, the awareness of the world where the Princess Mafalda moved, the welcoming, nothing short of exquisite, is an experience memorable for those who have lived and, consequently, for those who read. And then, finally, a wish fulfilled after forty years of waiting: the homage to the last tomb of the princess, victim and martyr still at an early age, along witi quih the ancestors of land that had become her ...
History, events, monarchs, emotions, love, tragedy, everything blends in this compelling text, which is more significant than many other biographies, make reading an unforgettable moment.

Raffaella Sapopnaro Monti-Bragadin, - Novembre 2009 (Read more in pdf)

Mafalda's story as told by a ship captain to one Russian interpreter. Hence start a research that becomes a book, first in Russian now in Italian with the sad story of the beautiful princess who died in a concentration camp
Gianni Martini - La Stampa - Torino - 15 November 2009

The text is a biography of Princess Mafalda, a story with tragic ending that saw her die in a Nazi concentration camp.
Tamara Carano - Panorama di Novi - Novi Ligure - November 13, 2009

In Ninel Podgornaja's pages you feel a deep sympathy to the story of the princess, thanks to a careful psychological analysis, the role of women, outlined with sharp features, is the fulcrum around which unfold as the complex dynamics of relationships as dynastic developments of the Nazi madness, which also marked the existence Mafalda.
Valentina Incardona - Quattropagine - Valborbera - February 2010

The book is the result of long and careful research of the Latvian writer ...
Liguria - 19 febbraio 2012


Presentations and literary awards

Turin, Mirafiori Motor Village - November 20, 2009 - Presentation in the 2009 Apice Award
Rapallo (Ge) Hotel Europa - Dicember 6, 2009 - Official presentation with the Writer
Roma, Casa dell'Aviatore Dicember 21, 2009 - Presentation edited by Guardie d'Onore del Pantheon
Recco (Ge) - Sala Polivalente del Comune, April 11, 2010 - edited by del Comune di Recco
Torino, Salone Internazionale del libro, May 16, 2010 Room R 34 -
Chiavari (Ge) - Associazione "Agave" 20 maggio 2010
Cabella Ligure (Al) Associazione "Roba da Streije" 13 agosto 2010
Sestri Levante (Ge) - Associazione "Il Maestrale" 24 0ttobre 2010
Genova - Biblioteca Berio - 28 gennaio 2011
Lavagna (Ge) - Biblioteca Comunale - 27 gennaio 2011 - Memorial Day
Torino - Fondazione Ferraris "Amico Libro" 16 febbraio 2011
Varazze (Sv) - 18 febbraio 2012 - Biblioteca Comunale - Assessorato alla Cultura, Associazione culturale "U campanin russu"

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