Guilin is one of China's most famous places of historic interest and scenic beauty. Its scenery deserves the fame of "the finest under the Heaven".
The region of Guilin takes on a Karst feature. Originally Guilin was a vast expanse of sea until 300 million years ago, the crustal movement made the limestone deposit in the deep sea rise and gradually formed to land. Being effloresced and eroded, it finally became the mountains with different shapes, the grottoes with beautiful views and the aboveground rivers with mysterious stories. These mountains with strangely shaped peaks and caves of unique formation, together with the crystal-clear Lijiang River that surrounds the city, characterize Guilin's scenery and have brought it world fame.It is said the monuntains are 33.333 if somebody doesn't believe it can go to Guilin and start counting.
Poems, verses and Buddhist carvings can be found all over the caves and holes of the mountains.

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