... not a Problem, but one great Opportunity for the entire Val Borbera...
Looking forward...

The "Operation St. Rufinus"aimed at recovery of the church of Cerendero (Val Borbera) in the province of Alessandria started under the best auspices.

More than 4,000 signatures collected in less than twenty days. An unexpected success thanks to the support and sharing of the project by a broad numbers of supporters, public and private associations, religious and cultural organizations, local and national media, personalities from the academia and culture. Here we would like to cordially thank all the supporters and all those who are willing to help in this dutiful civil commitment of sensitivity. A particular thank is due both to the Lions Borghetto Borbera and to Ing. Demicheli  (councilor in the province of Alessandria and holder of a professional study of engineering) that have ensured the availability to offer - for free - the technical advice and planning for recovery.

The signatures collected were sent to the Curia of Genoa (as religious jurisdiction), the President of the Regione Piemonte and the President of the Province of Alessandria with the intent to raise the issue and trust in their authoritative and fundamental support. We also thank the Mayor of Mongiardino Ligure and Monsignor holder of the parish who are offering one hand in order to organize a Workshop to deepen the state of the art and explore the next steps. We are only at the beginning.

Click here for the letter in pdf - English version available on demand

Sideways an eloquent image on the state in which the church is found today: roof broken, brambles and thorns  that besiege it ... and the land on which insist the foundation tends to landslides unless works of solidification and geotechnical interventions are not carried out quickly

On the right a beautiful autumn image of the church complex, now in a state of dilapidated abandoned. But not even want his eventual recovery generate a “cathedral in the desert”; therefore, it is proposed - including strategies, planning e. .. visions - a comprehensive and mutually reinforcing development that promotes profitability and positive benefits on the Valley.
(Click here to read a draft of project in pdf) -English version available on demand

Nevertheless, also in its desolated abandonment, the church succeeds to provoke not indifferent emotions and artistic values, Valentina Incardona was awarded the First Prize with the photo “Between snow and sky”; which shows the church under the snow. This is the motivation of the jury: “ Val Borbera is the valley of over 1000 bell towers. Miss Valentina has managed with great sensitivity to immortalize this moment of the Church of the Canaries under a cloak of copious snow. A place of worship that needs restoration as many artistic reality of the Valley”.
Cantalupo Ligure 12 August 2007.

It is no longer time to wait, and we thank in advance those who want help with proposals, suggestions, recommendations or technical recovery, with a simple email sharing in the project to save one of the most beautiful churches in the Val Borbera".

“The friends of the Church of Cerendero”


We thank Mrs. Teresa Neboli who, despite the risk of a sudden collapse of the 'building, had the courage to venture inside the church and sent us these beautiful photos of the frescoes which still survive weathering.

Press review:

For further information, and to apologize for the quality of the images that have been developed with the material arrived at our disposal, presenting - in pdf format – the articles that the media have so far dedicated to the subject (click to open the link);
La Stampa, 10 ottobre 2008 - Il Secolo XIX, 10 ottobre 2008 - Panorama di Novi, 10 ottobre 2008 - Panorama di Novi, 31 ottobre 2008 - La Stampa, 19 ottobre 2008 -Il nostro Giornale, 18 ottobre 2008 - www.giornal.it, 22 ottobre 2008 - Il nostro Giornale, 25 ottobre 2008 - La Stampa, 2 novembre 2008; - Il nostro Giornale, 8 novembre 2008; - CorriereAL - La Stampa, 14 novembre 2008;Panorama di Novi, 21 novembre 2008

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